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Environmental Policy

Hotel Kungsträdgården works continuously to:

• Integrate environmental work in our business plan. Sustainable development should always be included in all decisions taken, regardless of operation and level.

• Increase awareness of our employees and stakeholders, so that we can run a sustainable and successful hotel business together. Our employees should feel proud, knowledgeable and more importantly, commit to our environmental work. We place high demands on our suppliers and work to the greatest extent with those who are certified.

• Without exceptions, comply with legal requirements. Our vision is to be ahead of environmental laws and work preventively and proactively.

• Monitor and reduce the actual environmental impact from the business, such as energy and water consumptions.

• Reducing our waste. Our waste goes into different fractions and we are constantly working to recycle as much as possible. Our food waste is ground in a food mill and converted into biogas for Stockholm’s public transport.

• Use eco-labeled products.



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